Christmas Time in Mitchelstown Parish

Christmas Confession Times in Mitchelstown Parish

Monday 19th December
8 priests available to hear confessions
Friday 23rd December
12.00 noon - 1.00pm
Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve)
12.00 noon - 1.00 pm
3.00 - 4.00pm
Ballygiblin Church
Thursday 15th December
Confession 7.00pm / Mass 7.30pm
Killacluig Church
Friday  16th December
Confession 6.00pm / Mass 6.30pm

Christmas Mass Times in Mitchelstown Parish

Parish Church
Sat  24th December (Christmas Eve)
Vigil of the Nativity 7.30pm
Carol Recital 9.30pm
Night Mass of Nativity 10.00pm
Sun 25th December (Christmas Day)
8.30am / 10.00am /
11.30am (note the extra 10am Mass)
No Evening Mass on Christmas Day
Monday 26th December
Feast of St Stephen, 1st Martyr
Mass at 11.00am
Weekday Masses from Tues 27th - Sat 31st December
11.00am only
Ballygiblin Church
Sat 24th December (Christmas Eve)
Night Mass of Nativity 9.00pm
Sun 25th December (Christmas Day)
Mass 9.30am
Killacluig Church
Wed 24th December (Christmas Eve)
Night Mass of Nativity 9.00pm
Thurs 25th December (Christmas Day)
Mass 10.30am


will close on Christmas Eve before the 10.00am Mass and resume after the 11am Mass on Wednesday 28th December.

Dear Parishioner,


As we come to the end of 2016, we thank you all for your support to the Parish throughout the year.We all have memories of this past year, some good and some not so good. But with the help of family, friends and the community, we all keep moving forward and avoid looking back. Let us recall the beautiful prayer: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”. Christmas is a time to make peace, to bury the hatchet, to say “I forgive you” and “I am sorry”. Bitterness and unforgiveness does not help anybody, it poisons us all and make us unhappy. Jesus came into the world to bring peace, He died in peace and forgiveness.


All this, we can do with the Grace of God and the help of prayer. As we look to 2017, we look forward to the Centenary of the Events of Fatima, May – October 1917-2017. One hundred years ago Our Lady appeared, more radiant than the sun, in Fatima, Portugal, to three small children: Lucia, Francesco and Jacinta. It was during the 1st World War, she encouraged humanity to have faith and pray for peace. She is still encouraging us to do the very same as we approach the New Year 2017.


Thanks again to Patricia, the Parish Secretary and to so many people who help in so many ways to run the Parish throughout the year. We encourage you all to share your gifts and suggestions.


May the Lord bless us all, as we thank Him for the Blessings of 2016. May Our Lady of Fatima protect us, our family and our community.

A very Happy Christmas & New Year

Canon Michael Fitzgerald P.P., Canon O’Leary C.C. & Fr. Burke C.C.


p.s.  A full outline of the Parish accounts will be sent to you in the New Year.The Envelope System has been of enormous financial benefit to the Parish for all who qualify for the Tax Refund. We are now able to claim for the self-employed as well as PAYE workers. We encourage you to continue to use the system throughout 2017. But, of course, every single contribution is appreciated and makes a big difference in running the parish effectively. Thanks again to everybody. If you do not receive a box of offering envelopes and you would like to, please contact the Parish Office.

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Lord, as we celebrate another Christmas help us to live each moment gratefully.  May we have the faith to trust in the gifts you have given us; may we have the hope that overcomes the dark thoughts that sometimes cloud our vision; may we have the love that makes our world a better place.  We make this prayer through Jesus our brother, born for us again in Bethlehem. Amen

Prayers around the Christmas Tree

Dear God, As we light this tree today may we be reminded that you are the light of the world.  May we be true lights in the lives of the people we meet each day.  In the beginning God made the world and saw it was good.  Long ago, God placed a tree in the garden of paradise as his gift to all human beings, a tree of wisdom and knowledge and laden with every good thing.  Our Christmas tree reminds us of that tree.  Long ago too, God's kindness appeared in the coming of Christ, who is our hope of eternal life.  This tree is a sign of Christ's blessings.

Christmas Reflection

God, great gift giver, we invite you to come among us and to grant us your holy blessing.  Help us in this busy season not to miss the miracle of the coming of Jesus.  In the days of preparation, as well as on the feast itself, help us not to be blind to the gifts of getting ready.  Protect us from the evil of the world.  May every greeting we send be signed with love, friendship and prayer.  May our greetings, so written, be fun to open and treasure to keep.  Giver of all gifts, help us to take delight in the marketplace, now transformed in beauty, lights and music.  May our decorations be signs of the evergreen coming of the Lord of Life.  But most of all, God of gifts, toys and sweets, help us to stay youthful, playful and dream filled, as we prepare for the coming of Christ.  

A Christmas Prayer

"We thank you for this place in which we dwell, for the love that unites us,  for the peace accorded us this day,
      for the hope with which we expect the morrow,  for the work, the health, the food and bright skies which make our lives delightful for our friends in all parts of the earth."  and giving us the gift of eternal life."


A Christmas Blessing:

May the Infant Jesus fill your hearts with the gift of Love, encourage you with the gift of Hope, and bless you with the promise of Peace.