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The Lady of All Nations

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Secularism Destroys Religious Faith:

Deprived of Faith in a living God, who created him and calls him to live forever, the secular man must create his own goals and walk his own path. When the secular man joins with others in the work of forming society, they must begin by destroying a society of faith that already exists and is an obstacle. They begin by dismantling religious practices, tear down religious symbols and point out all the faults of religion, all for their hidden agenda of establishing a secular state. They convince people that the world they are building will be free of what they call religious prejudice. As they accomplish their goals, especially among the young, a truly new society emerges. New gods appear, new lifestyles and new freedoms. Everyone congratulates themselves. They have successfully rejected a faith that they claim belonged to an unenlightened age. They set out on a new path, totally oblivious to the problems built into the human heart. When the human heart does not serve the living God, it serves itself. When it rejects a life after death, it seeks to make earth into a self-serving paradise.

All goes well as long as a society fulfils all the persons needs. When all is prosperity the secular society flourishes, totally unaware that it cannot cope with economic collapse. So let us not be deceived and misled by the false secular society. In time of crisis it will not be able to do anything for us. Let us treasure our faith in God, nourish and grow in it. If we have set it aside, find it again and hold tight to it.


What is Sloth? Sloth is listed as one of the seven deadly sins, but what is it? Most see it as mere laziness, but it is more than that. The Greek word we translate as sloth is akedia, meaning indifference or negligence. St. Thomas speaks of sloth as sorrow for spiritual good. By it, we shun spiritual good as too toilsome. Some modern commentators speak of sloth a “don’t care” feeling. Some even say it is a kind of falling out of love with God and the things of God. On account of sloth, there is an aversion or even disgust to right living and it is seen as too laborious. By sloth, many experience sorrow rather than joy or zeal in following God. Sloth gives rise to many sins:  we do not pray, attend Mass, go to Confession or read Scripture. We do not grow in our spiritual life and thus we fail to become the man or woman, God made us to be. Coming to recognise sloth for what it is, calling it by name and learning its moves, are the first steps on the road to healing. Sloth is, of course, one of those drives that is so deep that ultimately we must fall on our knees and beg deliverance from the Lord, who alone can heal us.


Chrism Mass: The Chrism Mass will take place in the Cathedral in Cobh on Wednesday week April 1st at 7.30pm. In past years we have brought a bus from the Parish. If you would like to travel, please give your name and phone number to the Parish Office, by Friday, 27th March. The bus will leave the square at 6.00pm.


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