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Protection of Children: Last weekend the Diocese published its Safeguarding Children Newsletter, highlighting a deep awareness of the need to safeguard all our children – thank God for all the work done and the co-operation of all volunteers.

While the revelations of recent years have alerted us all, a recent Prime Time R.T.E. programme revealed a shocking access of children to inappropriate contact with adults on the internet. While all these new safeguards are put in place, our children could be exposed to more sinister dangers on the internet, without parents even being aware of it. It is necessary for parents to educate and guard their children against these dangers and to be on guard at all times.

Christmas is a special Feast for all children and young people, because our God was born among us as a child. May the Christ Child bless and protect all our children and our families.


Christmas 2014: As the special day of December 25th approaches, the Church’s Liturgy present the important role and co-operation of the Virgin Mary with the will of God. God entered the world as a human being, through the consent of Our Lady to be His mother, by the power of the Holy Spirit. God wanted to come into humanity and Our Lady’s consent changed the whole course of human history. Mary teaches us to open our hearts to the invitation of God. God respects our free will. Like Our Lady, God needs our “yes” and our “consent” to fulfil His will on earth as it is in Heaven. Through our consent to the will of God, the power of evil and his control over the world is weakened and destroyed. Without our consent to the will of God, evil gains control and power over the affairs of the world. This is why Our Lady is appealing to us through her many apparitions to return to God and to prayer at this time. Let us reflect anew this holy time and follow the example of Mary and surrender our will to God in trust and prayer. Now is the time to return to God, this is our opportunity.


Marriage is a unique relationship different from all others: Married love is a unique form of love between a man and woman which has a special benefit for the whole of society. The Catholic Church, with other Christians and those of no particular religious view, regard the family based on marriage between a woman and a man as the single most important institution in any society. To seek to re-define the nature of marriage would be to undermine it as the fundamental building block of our society. The Church seeks with others to reaffirm the rational basis for holding that marriage should be reserved for the unique and complementary relationship between a woman and a man from which the generation and upbringing of children is uniquely possible. This understanding of marriage is deeply rooted in all cultures: it is not intended to exclude or disadvantage anyone. Children have a natural right to a mother and a father, and this is the best environment for them where possible. It is therefore deserving of special recognition and promotion by the State

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Christmas Masses and Confessions

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